The AIRIZEN ERP Suite is a highly customized ERP platform for companies in manufacturing, retail, service, logistics and other industries. AIRIZEN is a result of decades of industry experience in ensuring Workflow Efficiencies & Technology Development deep Domain Knowledge and driven by passion for Technology, Innovation & Insight.

Every organization is unique and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the other. Uniqueness is what defines a company one due to the very nature of its inherent & internal dynamics and two, quite by intent. A standard ERP suite with general customizations for every company, or even an industry in general, rarely succeeds in its purpose or intent, for the immediate or long term. The fact that companies are unique demands that they have a customized ERP that meets their needs. That’s where AIRIZEN fits.

AIRIZEN efficiently blends the unique workflows of every organization with the standards defined by the industry, statutory requisites and such others. Over the years AIRIZEN teams have created documentation & templates that are generic to every industry. Specific workflows and nodes in the organization are mapped after a detailed study. While working with an organization, AIRIZEN teams map workflows & processes unique to that organization, department wise.

These two key aspects are uniquely blended on to the AIRIZEN platform to develop a customized modular, workflow driven ERP. The AIRIZEN ERP ensures that the detailed workflow mapping & custom designed workflows, flow in the same order/sequence as the internal workflows of the organization. While this is achieved, it is also critically important to ensure that the ERP opens avenues for the organization to realign the organizational workflows to enhance workflow efficiencies.

AIRIZEN is designed with the understanding that organizations continually evolve and so do their workflows & efficiencies. Having an ERP that is modular and customizable as businesses evolve is AIRIZEN’s critical success factor.


A Module is typically mapped to a department, a function or a group of activities that have a common purpose within the organization. Generally, modules represent departments of an organization. Every department or a function has a customized module in AIRIZEN.

Marketing, Enquiry Management & Sales, Design & Development,Fabrication, Stores (Inventory) & Production, Logistics, Delivery & Customer Service are some of the standard functions of any organization. Some of the activities in these functions are industry specific but most are generally unique to every organization.

Our experience in developing customized ERP’s for companies has given us insights that are specific to the industries they represent. We leverage this experience, our knowledge and our ideas to create module platforms. These platforms are deeply customizable and made to map the internal workflows specific to your organization.

Modules are independently mapped (to every intended department/function), workflows identified, designed (or redesigned) to customer requirements and coded. Every modul can be independently deployed and will eventually be integrated with the overall AIRIZEN platform. Depending on the customer need, the deployment schedule can be reasonably pre-planned. A commitment from the customer ensuring timely availability of all information and data necessary for the development is an absolute must.

Every module development begins with an understanding & assessment of customer requirements, specific workflows and activities within the workflow. These workflows are sketched and specific data points are identified. Master Data and Tables Maps are created that eventually lead to process workflows within the Module. The fully developed & tested module is integrated with AIRIZEN.

The next section details examples of a few industries and modules specific to organizations within those industries. The modules are indicative and not exhaustive. Additional modules specific to every organization & its unique requirements will be developed and integrated with AIRIZEN.