Airizen Infosystems Pvt Ltd has a highly customizable Enterprise Solutions platform called Airizen ERP which is built on its proprietary MCSAR Framework.

Airizen ERP is a tightly integrated modular enterprise ERP software framework that is flexible, scalable and deeply customizable for all departments, divisions, activities and operations of any business enterprise.

Airizen’s framework includes specific, independently implementable modules for Sales & Marketing; Customer & Proposal Management; Design, BoM, Fabrication & Production; Purchase & Vendor Management, Inventory & Store Management; Logistics, Delivery & Supply Chain Management; Invoicing, Finance & Accounting and such other modules for any SMB Enterprise.

These customized modules are tightly integrated into a seamless single window enterprise dashboard for managers, at all levels, to monitor business critical information in real time. Airizen ERP creates fast & effective decision making in real time.

Externally Airizen ERP can be integrated with customizable, proprietary third party platforms for CRM, Ecommerce, Payment gateways and more.